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Worship -Transactional or Transformational?

I want to talk about worship. Specifically – why we do it. A few weeks ago God pointed out to me that there are two kinds of worship Transactional – the idea that if we do “x” God will do “y” Transformational – a whole different experience of freedom. (I will expand on this later) The function of worship Before we...


Why I AM Excited About Church!

It’s been 5 years since my husband and I left our last church, at God’s suggestion. (Insistance, actually). We assumed at the time that He would place us in another local fellowship near where we lived at that time.


Inexhaustible Life

It’s no accident that the body and blood of Christ are represented by every day consumables.
It’s also no accident that he multiplied those two things and then later said “Do this, in remembrance of me”.


Mysterious ways

It’s proving to be an emotional journey, writing this book. I have found myself in tears more than once, – tears of joy, as well as sadness, remembering the events of five years ago, when God healed all three of our children of ADHD/ASD and multiple food sensitivities.



The Most Powerful Prayer

I’ve been reminded this week of the power of prayer.
It might seem strange that someone who has witnessed a major healing in her own children would forget, but in the busyness of life, I find that whilst I always pray, sometimes I forget to ask for the obvious!


True Worship

Jesus never asked us to spend hours and hours singing to Him and reminding Him of how great He is.

He knows how great He is, we know how great He is.


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