The Upward Call

A chilly February night in a (I think) Methodist church hall isn’t really the venue most of us would imagine having a lightning bolt moment with God. I only went because the Vicar invited me…


Looking for “A Sign”?

In the dead of night, Jesus decides to nip ahead of the disciples to the other side of the water – and because, you know, He’s GOD, He just walks it. Why not?


I only went in for a phone – part two

As soon as I entered the shop the salesman announced to his colleagues “Guys, it’s HER! It’s that lady I told you about. You give her your hand and she can tell you all about your life – it’s amazing!”

No pressure then, I thought.


When God Struck me Dumb

Anyone who knows me, will know I have a tendency to talk. Way too much talking.
(Pause for a moment and pray for my husband, If you would)
There was a time, however, when I was unable to speak for 14 hours or so. Hubby remembers it fondly.


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