The Rooms Of Possibility

We are sitting under “our tree”, my head on Jesus’ shoulder, our fingers entwined, holding hands.

The smell of a warm summer day soothes me.

After a minute or two I’m tempted to ask Jesus for things, especially for the days ministry ahead – but He stops me with a smile before the words even leave my lips.

“Don’t ask, just sit with me”

The scene shifts and as I watch from a distance, I see the patch of ground our tree is on move upwards, taking us with it – as if it were on a hydraulic platform. It comes to a stop in a circular white room. The light is almost blinding. Around the circumference of the room there are doors, all of them slightly open, inviting exploration.

I begin to try to see the contents of the rooms, my mind jumping to tales I have heard of rooms full of replacement body parts in heaven. I quickly realise though that I can’t see what’s in those rooms – because for me, it doesn’t yet exist.

Jesus says “Don’t try to see or know ahead of time what will be needed – only know that when you ask, it is available.It is already yours, just ask”

I become aware that the room extends further, up above our heads. Looking up I see floor upon floor of doorways.

All of them stand open.

In many of the doors I see angels, and as I watch they are excitedly running into the rooms to retrieve things to show me – only to emerge looking disappointed, realising that I can’t see those things yet.

I hear Him say “These are the rooms of possibility.The things manifest as you ask, speak and decree them”

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Resurrection NOW

Something died in your life. A project that didn’t get off the ground, a relationship that failed, maybe you lost your job?  Maybe something else – [insert life’s disappointments here ] Maybe all of the above.

You are exhausted, beaten down, almost defeated.

It’s left you feeling devastated, like your whole life is in tatters. It’s left you wondering, “What comes next ?”

Resurrection comes next

Resurrection is the key to the christian faith.
Our certainty that Jesus was resurrected and sits at the right hand of the father.
Our sure and certain hope of our own resurrection to eternal life, through faith in Him.
Good things come in threes…
The first thing I mentioned, Jesus’ resurrection, is a past event.
The second thing, our own, is a future hope.
That leaves us with NOW..
What does it look like to believe in resurrection on a daily basis?
It looks like not giving in to despondency.
It looks like actively looking for what God is doing and saying in every situation.
It looks like confidently believing for better when all about us looks hopeless.
When Jesus hung on the cross, to everyone around Him it looked like the end.
God knew it was a glorious beginning.
I want to challenge you today to look at the endings in your life, and then look past them – to the glorious new beginning that God has in store for you – look through the lens of faith and you will see.
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The last time I was a (slightly unwilling) passenger on a roller-coaster was 5 years ago.

I know this because coincidentally, it was also the last time our family relocated, 3 kids dog and all, for my husbands work.

Those who know me probably don’t see me as a fearful person, so it may surprise you to know that I really don’t like heights.

I mean REALLY don’t like them. I’m not a big fan of uncertainty either. I like to know what’s coming and plan accordingly.

So what on earth was I doing on a roller-coaster, I hear you cry?

Good question.

We were mid-move at the time. That really horrible part where you wait for the legal people to do their thing. It feels like it takes forever and you get conflicting information from every email and phone call you receive.

A friend called and offered to take myself and our youngest daughter to a Theme Park for the day. I accepted because my daughter really needed a day out, and it would take my mind off things.

Mid afternoon, after a few goes on the more sedate rides, my friend talked me into going on the ‘little roller-coaster’. (Her description, not mine).
I decided to at least attempt to be ‘cool mum’ for the benefit of our 11 year old daughter.

The one thing I wasn’t was ‘cool’.

I spent the entire hour (well, more like 5 minutes but it felt waaaaay longer) muttering in tongues and screaming ‘Jesus’ at the top of my lungs. It wasn’t blasphemy – I was genuinely calling for help. As the ride came to a stop, it moved forward incrementally to allow passengers to get off. I panicked, thinking the ride was going round again
‘Oh God no! It’s starting again’
My friends reassured me that the ride was over, and reminded me how breathing works
(In, then out. That’s right, slowly. You’re ok)

When I got off, I was actually struggling to speak for several minutes, and my legs felt like I had borrowed them from an octopus.
I did get off though. It ended safely and the only damage was to my pride.

Five years on, I find myself on another, metaphorical roller-coaster, moving cross country again.
This time without my two eldest children. Who have now flown the nest.

Jesus is still with me though, and when this is over, a whole new roller-coaster ride begins, in a new city.
(I’m also grateful for friends who reassure me, and remind me how breathing works.)

‘Oh God no! It’s starting again’
‘Scream if you want to go faster’ says Jesus, with a wink.

My legs feel like jelly, but I’m game if you are, Lord.