Climbing a ladder.

Racing to the top as fast as I can without slipping. To my right I become aware of another parallel ladder. Angels are ascending and descending on it – one of them pauses when he sees me and hollers across

“Where ya goin’?”

“I’m goin’ to see Jesus!” is the answer that pops out of my mouth. It’s news to me as much as it is to the angel – I only found the ladder moments before.

I reach the top of the ladder and emerge into a bright, white room.

Jesus is waiting for me, seated at a white table. There is a vacant seat opposite and He motions for me to sit.

We each have a coffee and for a few moments, we sip in silence.

“What’s this about?” is my unspoken thought.

Jesus answers me aloud “It doesn’t have to be about anything. It’s just two friends, enjoying each others company”

I notice a two-fingered chocolate biscuit on the table between us. Jesus picks it up and removes the scarlet wrapper.

“Is He going to share that?” I wonder.

Grinning, He snaps the two chocolate fingers apart, then leans across the table to offer me one.

I hear myself say “Ooh, chocolate is my favourite”

He smiles again and replies

“Yes. That is one of my better ideas, isn’t it?”

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