We are sitting under “our tree”, my head on Jesus’ shoulder, our fingers entwined, holding hands.

The smell of a warm summer day soothes me.

After a minute or two I’m tempted to ask Jesus for things, especially for the days ministry ahead – but He stops me with a smile before the words even leave my lips.

“Don’t ask, just sit with me”

The scene shifts and as I watch from a distance, I see the patch of ground our tree is on move upwards, taking us with it – as if it were on a hydraulic platform. It comes to a stop in a circular white room. The light is almost blinding. Around the circumference of the room there are doors, all of them slightly open, inviting exploration.

I begin to try to see the contents of the rooms, my mind jumping to tales I have heard of rooms full of replacement body parts in heaven. I quickly realise though that I can’t see what’s in those rooms – because for me, it doesn’t yet exist.

Jesus says “Don’t try to see or know ahead of time what will be needed – only know that when you ask, it is available.It is already yours, just ask”

I become aware that the room extends further, up above our heads. Looking up I see floor upon floor of doorways.

All of them stand open.

In many of the doors I see angels, and as I watch they are excitedly running into the rooms to retrieve things to show me – only to emerge looking disappointed, realising that I can’t see those things yet.

I hear Him say “These are the rooms of possibility.The things manifest as you ask, speak and decree them”

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