Something died in your life. A project that didn’t get off the ground, a relationship that failed, maybe you lost your job?  Maybe something else – [insert life’s disappointments here ] Maybe all of the above.

You are exhausted, beaten down, almost defeated.

It’s left you feeling devastated, like your whole life is in tatters. It’s left you wondering, “What comes next ?”

Resurrection comes next

Resurrection is the key to the christian faith.
Our certainty that Jesus was resurrected and sits at the right hand of the father.
Our sure and certain hope of our own resurrection to eternal life, through faith in Him.
Good things come in threes…
The first thing I mentioned, Jesus’ resurrection, is a past event.
The second thing, our own, is a future hope.
That leaves us with NOW..
What does it look like to believe in resurrection on a daily basis?
It looks like not giving in to despondency.
It looks like actively looking for what God is doing and saying in every situation.
It looks like confidently believing for better when all about us looks hopeless.
When Jesus hung on the cross, to everyone around Him it looked like the end.
God knew it was a glorious beginning.
I want to challenge you today to look at the endings in your life, and then look past them – to the glorious new beginning that God has in store for you – look through the lens of faith and you will see.
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