I was driving my daughter to school. It was raining, but not proper rain.

It was that really pathetic kind of rain that it can’t quite make it’s mind up. Like it just can’t be bothered to make the effort.

Teenage rain,perhaps?
Anyway as we were hurtling down the road, with backpack, lunch and bits of pe-kit flying round the cabin (”double-check – are you sure you put your trainers in?”) – I looked up and saw a rainbow.

A complete rainbow from one end to the other.

I tried really hard not to look as I was supposed to be driving but the rainbow has always been a fascinating thing for me, even as a child. Imagine my pleasure then, as within a few moments I could see a second one. Right over the top of the first – and again, complete from end to end. They straddled right across the road we were on for a few minutes, and then they were gone.
I pondered their beauty for a moment, and inevitably thought about the part in the book of Genesis where we are told that God put the sign of the rainbow in the sky so that we would remember God’s promise to never again flood the earth.

It got me thinking.

Why when it’s raining?

I mean, scientifically speaking I know it’s because the light hits rain droplets at certain angles and then we see the different colours – I do know that – but God could have made it so that happened some other way – without using the rain.
Perhaps – and this is pure conjecture on my part – but perhaps it was because He knows that when the sun is shining, and everything is going well in life, it is easy to believe God’s promises to us.
On rainy days, however – when the clouds roll in, and the rain pours down on us. When nothing, just NOTHING is going right – those are the days when we need to be reminded of His presence and His promises to us.

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